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Welcome to 'Buy British'. The fastest growing online directory of British goods, products and services for companies operating in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Companies are eligible to be included for a free listing in the directory provided that they MANUFACTURE or PRODUCE goods or they EMPLOY staff who add value in the UK.

Buy British is a showcase of what Britain has to offer. There are so many innovative and unique companies in the UK ranging from fine tailors to racing car designers. All too often they seem fail to market themselves and bring their products to a wider audience. In these turbulent times we all need to make an extra special effort to ensure they continue to survive. You can find something made locally to you to help support local jobs and your community. As the British pound is currently weak against a basket of currencies it should help our friends overseas locate some bargains too. We are happy to link to similar sites across the world as we do not believe in protectionism but only freedom of choice.

To see our full listing criteria to see if a company or product is British enough for us to list them, check out our Listing Criteria Page.

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Buy British is founded with the objective of marketing British products to support industry and jobs by Alastair Grant and Michael Toth. Assisted and supported by Mel Jensen and Kate Johnson.

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