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Minimum Listing Criteria

Here at 'Buy British' we have given some serious thought to what makes a company or product eligible to be included on this website. It used to be fairly easy to define what would be included in such a directory, as products were pretty much wholly manufactured in the UK and therefore have a 'Made in England', 'Made in Scotland', 'Made in Wales' or even a 'Made in N.I. (Northern Ireland)' label.

Over the last few decades, globalisation has taken significant swathes of manufacturing, once conducted in Great Britain, overseas. Moving manufacturing to countries with much lower labour costs (think around 3000 per person / per year), friendlier company tax and regulatory environments (Britain’s un competitive corporation tax rate of 28% and high personal income taxes puts us at a disadvantage). Although good news on the taxation front is that plans are in place to reduce this over the next few years .

One of the key objectives of the Buy British campaign is to help shoppers identify British products and companies, then assist in the promotion of these British products and services, not just in the UK but globally. This benefits the country on many levels, one of the main ones for example is that we maintain our skills base and have jobs for people to go to.

That said, with many 'British' companies manufacturing their products overseas, it posed a dilemma whether or not we should include them in the directory. We have defined a rating scale that can be applied both at a product and company level. If the product or company meets our minimum threshold then the product is deemed as “British” and will be included.

Essentially, at a product level, if the core components (more than >50 %) of the product are assembled or manufactured in the UK then it will included. If a company has a UK HQ or UK Design facility, manufacturing plant or more than 25% of their overall staff are based in the UK then they will be included at a company level. This is summarised in the table below.

In light of the Falklands Referendum 2013, we are now extending the listing criteria below to all British Overseas Territories (which will now fall within our definition of UK)

Listing Type



Company Level

HQ in the UK


More than 25% of the company’s overall staff are based in the UK


Design Facility in UK


Manufacturing Facility in UK


Product Level

> 50% Assembled in the UK


> 50% Manufactured with components made in the UK


This will ensure that Britain benefits in at least some ways for the products or services being sold, be it directly through the skills and jobs maintained (both directly from making the products, and the supplementary services that make it happen e.g. accountants / patent lawyers /office cleaners etc.) or indirectly through corporation /income tax receipts.

We realise that this initial directory rating system doesn't highlight which companies are more British than others although this is a great start. We are in the process of working on extending this rating system so that we can identity products and companies which go beyond our minimum thresholds.... more on this soon.

Finally, we ask for your help too. With constant changes in manufacturing locations, factory closures and companies relocating head offices, it is difficult to continually monitor and track each of the existing listings in this directory of British companies. Hopefully you can help us in this process and assist in this categorisation. So that just leaves me to say... Your Country Needs You!, and we are counting on your support so that together we can build a better Britain.

If you think that we have missed a company that meets the critera outlined above then please help and let us know! by filling in the form to add a British company to the directory

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