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Falklands Islands Referendum ‘We are British’

After two days of voting, the residents of Falklands Islands say 'We Are British!'

Falklands island referendum Buy British
Islanders celebrate the victory in Stanley
Published: 12 Mar 2013

After two days of voting in a referendum over if they wish to remain a self-governing British Overseas territory, the residents of the Falklands Islands today sent a clear message to all around the world, ‘YES - We Are British’. In a more than conclusive result, 99.8% of the population voted to remain part of Britain.

Residents in the capital, Port Stanley and across the Falkland islands, were in triumphant party mood and ready to celebrate as confirmation of the ‘Yes’ result came through in the early hours of this morning. With Union Jacks adorning every car, home, shop and even a few sheep, the islanders were ready for a street party to remember.

With a population of just over 2,800 and just 7913 miles from London, the Falklands islands is a British overseas territory located in the South Atlantic. British explorer, Captain John Byron claimed the islands for King George III in 1765 and Britain has subsequently held the islands since 1833, notwithstanding a brief period during the Falklands invasion by Argentine forces in 1982.

As a brief recap on recent history, Argentina invaded the Falklands back in 1982. To repel the Argentine invaders, Britain sent a military task force and after two months of war, sinking of their warship the ‘ARA General Belgrano’, the Argentine troops finally surrendered on the 14 June 1982. The islands were successfully returned to the residents after the conflict, which resulted in the deaths of 255 British and 649 Argentine soldiers, sailors and airmen, as well as 3 civilian Falklanders.

Still sore from this defeat, Argentina’s president, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, who also still lays claim to the Islands, has called the democratic vote a ‘propaganda’ exercise and disputes the islanders right to self-determination. Observers moot that her latest attempt to escalate diplomatic tensions is to distract attention from her own economic problems at home.

As one commenter succinctly put it on a news forum “Argentina never settled the islands. Never established a colony on the islands. Never sent a garrison of their own soldiers to defend it. The Falklands never belonged to Argentina.”

So here at Buy British, we are pleased to announce, that with immediate effect, the Falklands Islands and all other British overseas territories are eligible to be listed in the Buy British company and product directory. The sign-up form has been extended to accommodate these overseas territories and we will be featuring the different locations over the coming months.

In addition, we will be encouraging a UK boycott of all countries products which threaten the peace and security of our British overseas dependencies.

We congratulate the Falkland Islanders on a successful result and wish the British residents of the Falklands Islands continued success.

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